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アイパル通信(2020年 秋号)

UsefulInformation?个?施都有不同的特色,如有中意的?施,不妨先参?一下?!(需要提前??)Each facility has itsown unique features.If there is a facility youare interested in, plana visit to see what it islike!(Reservations required)Child care likea nursery centerWhat kinds of facilities are available?Which facility can I use?The facility you can use depends on the age of your child(ren), and whether you have “circumstances necessitating childcare.”需要的?用是多少??How much does it cost?〈2?以下班?的孩子〉〈3?以上班?的孩子〉…根据?育的孩子人数,??人的年收入,各市町不同,?用也不一?。 (高松市:一个孩子的?,0日元至53,000日元)…免?(?食?等自己?担。) ※ 一部分幼儿?和批准外的托儿?施,是收?的。…Depends on the number of children, the amount of parents’/guardians’ householdincome, and the city or town.(Takamatsu City: \0 to \53,000 for one child)…Free (Parents/guardians are responsible for lunch fees, etc.) *A fee may be required for some kindergartens or unlicensed nursery centers.??情况,?向各市町担当窗口?行咨?!?系方式,?参考网?。 officials in your city or town formore information!Please check out this website for a listof contacts:申?方法是什???How do I apply?Nursery Centers, Centers for Early Childhood Education & Care, and KindergartensThere are facilities in Japan that provide care for children who are under elementary school age. In this issue, we’ll goover the different facilities available, how to apply and more.Facilities that provide long hours of childcare for parents/guardians who cannot look after their child(ren)at home because of work or caring for a relativeEducation serviceslike a kindergarten・Nursery Centers・Municipal-level Childcare Services・Centers for Early Childhood Education and Care*Children 3 years of age or older can use these facilitieswithout “circumstances necessitating childcare.” In thiscase, the available time for use is 4-6 hours per day.…Use of these facilities requires “circumstances necessitating childcare(Employment, Illness・Disability of Parent/Guardian, Pregnancy・Childbirth, etc.) .”※ ?个?施,接收的孩子有人数限制的,所以不敢保??申?的?施就一定能?得去。*The maximum number of childrenaccepted depends on the facility.As a result, enrollment in yourdesired facility is not guaranteed.※ 各市町及申?的??会有所不同,??必向各市町?行咨?。*Application processing times differdepending on the city or town.Please contact officials in your cityor town for more information.0Years 1Years 2Years 3Years 4Years 5Years“Circumstances Necessitating Childcare”required入托?期Start Period申??期Application最后决定入托的?施Application Results!申??名?Where to Apply4月初以外During the Fiscal Year入托的1至2个月前1 to 2 monthsbefore start date4月初Beginning of April11月左右Around November希望利用的?施,或者各市町的担当窗口Apply to t he facility you wish touse, or the department in chargeat your local city/town hall.*Requirements for the use of Centers for Early Childhood Education & Careare listed in the chart above.Combining features of a nursery centerand a kindergarten+Municipal-level Childcare ServicesNursery CenterCenter for Early Childhood Education & CareKindergartenRecently there aremore of these!Facilities that teach children the life skillsand fundamental education needed forelementary school and beyond・Kindergartensアイパル通信 2020 秋号 3